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Growth mindset podcast - Mid-roll

Growth mindset podcast - Mid-roll
Growth mindset podcast - Mid-roll

The Growth mindset podcast is a popular resource for self-improvement-minded individuals.

We have two formats:
- Interviews with elite performers such as Olympians, entrepreneurs, and adventures or psychology professionals and authors.

- Short masterclasses diving into a single topic on mindset and psychology.

We collaborate well with products and services that help customers perform better and be their best selves. We've had repeat bookings from BetterHelp, Zbiotics, LinkedIn, Wealthfront, and ShortForm for example.

Our audience would not be suitable for a brand such as Mcdonald's or American Airlines.

With over 2 million downloads a year and 200k a month, we have a truly global audience. However, our primary audience base is in the US (over 50%) and the majority of the rest is from the other English-speaking nations of Canada, the UK, and Australia.

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