Hello Buyers,

In this tutorial, we will show you how to buy the chosen podcast offer (you can read more on the podcast offers research process here: How to find the best podcast offers to advertise on?) and how to manage the sponsorship/advertisement/interview order and your marketplace account panel.

1. Podcast formats, positioning and lengths types:

I. First, you have to consider that there are multiple podcast format types:

A) Host-Read sponsorship: This is a sponsorship text message, which is read or rephrased by the host during the podcast. This format is great for building initial brand awareness and user engagement, as the message read and implemented by the host sounds native to its audience and builds trust.

B) Pre-Recorded (commercial) advertisement: This is a pre-recorded commercial ad that you send (a file) to the podcast host to include within the podcast. This format is great for product promotional campaigns (of already known brands) and works best with discount % coupons to incentivize users to do emotional purchases.

C) Sponsored/Paid Interview: This is a sponsored/paid interview in a specific podcast episode that usually includes your name/brand within the title. This format is great for building an active & relevant audience and transfer a portion from the podcast listeners to start following your brand podcast/newsletter/social page/website etc. This model works best when you do series of podcast interviews, which makes you a known expert within an industry and builds up your reputation.

II. Then, you have to choose the podcast advertisement timing:

A) Pre-Roll: This is when the advertisement is hosted at the beginning of the podcast

B) Mid-Roll: This is when the advertisement is hosted in the breaks of the podcast

C) Post-Roll: This is when the advertisement is hosted at the end of the podcast

III. Then, you have different podcast advertisement lengths:

A) Up to 30 seconds

B) Up to 60 seconds

C) Up to 90 seconds

D) Up to 120 seconds

2. How to buy a podcast offer:

Once you open the chosen podcast offer page:

>> You can read description & product reviews in detail.

>> You can message the seller from the button on the right to discuss in detail before you make an order

>> Once you have discussed and know what you will purchase, you have to select the offer Format type.

>> Next, you have to select the number of advertising episodes you would like to promote.

>> Click the BUY NOW button and you will be transferred to the QUICK CHECKOUT page.

>> Select PAYMENT METHOD >> Agree to Terms & Conditions >> CONFIRM ORDER.

>> Once you purchase and Return To Merchant, you will be transferred to YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED! page.

>> Click on CONTINUE button to be forwarded to the Account login page: https://marketplace.podvertise.fm/index.php?route=account/login

3. How to buy multiple podcast offers:

As it is required to manage each advertisement order and to write a constructive review of each product offer separately, we've made a process where you can purchase 1 podcast offer at a time per order. So you have to rinse & repeat the above process from step (2.).

You can always use the Wishlist option by selecting the heart button down the right side of the offer page and store as many podcast offers for future references.

You can also compare multiple podcast offers features by selecting them within the Compare button down the right side of the offer page.

4. How to manage your podcast order:

This is the process of order management and communication with the podcast:

>> First, you open the Account or Login from: https://marketplace.podvertise.fm/index.php?route=account/login

>> Then, you open the "View your order history", where you see your Orders list.

>> Then, you can View order details from the blue button on the right and see which orders are Pending & which are Confirmed.

>> You can open the order details from the button on the right.

>> Communication: If you need to communicate with the seller, please open My Communication History from the MARKETPLACE Main Account menu and you can view your previous communications with the seller.

5. How/Why to make each order review:

This way you help to keep the high marketplace quality and also help the next buyers to make the most informed decision about purchasing podcast quality offers with reliable support by the podcast host.

>> All you have to do is open your Confirmed order page and write a review and SUBMIT it.

>> Then, we read your review and release the payment to the podcast

>> If you do not write a review within 72 hours after the purchase was Confirmed, we will release the money to the podcast and we cannot refund your order payment.

6. How to manage your marketplace account:

>> Edit your account information: you can edit your account details at any time.

>> Change your password: You can change and verify your new password.

>> Modify your address book entries: You can edit your contact & address details.

>> Modify your wish list: As it says, you can modify your Wishlist :) : to purchase saved offers and/or to remove them from the Wishlist.

>> View your order history: You can view all your ordered podcast offers list - Pending & Confirmed ones. You can view details for each order from the View button on the right.
There, you can make a review after the order is Confirmed.

>> Transactions: Here you can see all your transactions.

>> My Communication History: Here you can read all your communication history with sellers & from the marketplace admin.

>> Subscribe / unsubscribe to newsletter: Here you can subscribe to receive our informative emails on how to use the marketplace & promotional emails about great podcast offers.

>> If you want to sell podcast offers >> you should register a separate seller account from https://marketplace.podvertise.fm/index.php?route=account/register .