Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter With The Joneses

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About our podcast...

Welcome to "Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter with the Joneses," a captivating podcast hosted by Psychic Medium & animal communicator, Samantha Jones, and her husband, artist and musician, Danny Jones. Embark on a weekly, hour-long journey of exploration as the Joneses take you on an engaging and interactive exploration of all things spiritual, metaphysical, and paranormal, infused with their own modern-day twist.

In each episode, Samantha and Danny blend their unique backgrounds and expertise to create an immersive experience for their listeners. Join them as they chat about the mysteries of the unseen world, with Samantha utilizing her psychic abilities to offer profound insights and connect with spirits, while Danny's artistic and musical talents provide a harmonious & numerous backdrop to their discussions. Together, they provide thought-provoking conversations, practical advice, captivating stories, and enlightening interviews with experts in the field.

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning your journey, "Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter with the Joneses" is the perfect podcast to expand your understanding and ignite your curiosity. Prepare to be captivated, enlightened, and inspired as Samantha and Danny invite you to join them on this extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and exploration of the spiritual realms.

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