César Martín - Startup Founder @ ChatWith.io - Podcast Interviews Outreaching Marketing Campaign

César Martín - Startup Founder @ ChatWith.io - Podcast Interviews Outreaching Marketing Campaign

César Martín - Startup Founder @ ChatWith.io

Podcast Interviews Outreaching Marketing Campaign


As a leading podcast aggregator (transitioning into a marketplace) with a database of over 600,000 podcasts, we aimed to boost the visibility and credibility of ChatWith.io, an innovative WhatsApp marketing startup. The goal was to secure guest interview opportunities for its founder, Cesar Martin, on niche-relevant podcasts.


Leverage our extensive podcast database to secure guest interview spots for Cesar Martin, thereby enhancing the visibility and credibility of ChatWith.io.


Implement a targeted and personalized email outreach campaign to pitch Cesar Martin as a guest speaker on podcasts within the startup, SMB, and entrepreneurship categories.

Target Audience:

- Small to midsize podcasts with a focus on startups, SMBs, and entrepreneurship.
- Podcasts that appeal to small business owners, marketers, and tech enthusiasts.

Email Content:

Subject: [FIRST NAME], are you interested in interviewing a WhatsApp marketing startup founder on [YOUR PODCAST]?


I hope this email finds you well.

I’m reaching out to introduce you to Cesar Martin, the founder of ChatWith.io, a dynamic startup specializing in WhatsApp marketing. Our platform is designed to help small businesses effortlessly grow their client base through effective and user-friendly marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

I came across [YOUR PODCAST] during my research and believe it could be an excellent platform for Cesar to share his insights and experiences. His story of bootstrapping ChatWith.io and the innovative solutions they offer could provide significant value to your audience.

Here is more about Cesar:
- Website: [ChatWith.io](https://chatwith.io)
- Twitter: [@iworkwithyou](https://twitter.com/iworkwithyou)
- LinkedIn: [Cesar Martin](https://www.linkedin.com/in/cesarmartinibanez/)

If you feel there is a synergy and believe Cesar would be a compelling guest for your listeners, could you please let me know your interview fee? ChatWith.io is a bootstrapped startup, so we appreciate your consideration of a budget-friendly rate.

Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating and creating a win-win opportunity for both sides.

Best regards,


1. Identify and Segment Podcasts:
   - From our database of 600,000 podcasts, filter and target 454 small to midsize podcasts focused on local marketing, SMBs, and entrepreneurship.

2. Personalize Outreach:
   - Tailor each email to address the podcast host by their first name.
   - Mention the specific podcast to demonstrate the email is personalized.
   - Highlight why Cesar Martin’s story would resonate with their audience.

3. Follow-Up Strategy:
   - Send follow-up emails to non-respondents within a week.
   - Keep follow-ups courteous, reiterating the interview's mutual benefits.

Metrics for Success:

- Response Rate: Track positive responses from podcast hosts.
- Interview Secured: Monitor the number of confirmed interviews (both free and paid).
- Engagement Metrics: Measure website traffic and social media engagement post-interview.
- Qualitative Feedback: Collect feedback from podcast hosts and their audiences on the interview's value.




Emails Sent


Emails Opened


Positive Responses


Interviews Secured


- Notable Interview: One of the standout interviews was with KazSource, where Cesar discussed the future of communication via WhatsApp: https://kazsource.com/whatsapp-is-the-future-of-communication-cesar-martin-chatwith/.
- Engagement Increase: Significant increase in web traffic and social media interactions following the interviews.

Challenges and Solutions:

- Challenge: Standing out among similar outreach efforts. A lot of agencies charge the founders, but never share a fee with the podcast hosts...
  - Solution: Deep personalization of emails and emphasis on unique aspects of Cesar Martin’s story and ChatWith.io’s innovative offerings, where we ask for a fair win-win fee so both sides are happy. We only charge a fraction % from the fee if the transaction is made through our marketplace.

- Challenge: Managing budget constraints for interview fees.
  - Solution: Negotiate by showcasing the mutual benefits and offering additional promotional support on ChatWith.io's platforms.


- Enhanced Visibility: Multiple podcast features significantly boosted ChatWith.io’s visibility and credibility.
- Actionable Insights: Collected valuable data on response rates and engagement to refine future outreach strategies.
- Future Potential: Strengthened relationships with podcast hosts, laying the groundwork for future collaborations as we transition into a marketplace.


This marketing campaign methodology demonstrates the power of a strategic, personalized email marketing campaign in securing valuable podcast interviews for a startup founder. By leveraging our comprehensive podcast database and focusing on tailored outreach, we achieved substantial visibility and engagement for ChatWith.io. The high-profile interview with KazSource highlights the campaign's success, further establishing ChatWith.io’s market presence.