For Podcasters: How to market your podcast sponsorships & advertisements and to find clients this week?

For Podcasters: How to market your podcast sponsorships & advertisements and to find clients this week?

In this tutorial, you can find how to market your podcast to gain more sponsorships and advertisements.

We are listing some of the main marketing models: 
(You can use your marketplace link)

1. Direct mention of ad/sponsorship information during the podcast: 

* Your listeners are the best potential clients you can have. You can teach them how to promote their business on your podcast.

* You can give away free podcast mentions/ product promotions or in exchange for inventory without extra payment.

2. Podcast participations & interviews:

You can gain authority much faster if you participate in relevant podcasts with an already built audience. Remember, you have only one chance to gain a listener's interest.. if you can build trust and bring value to listeners, many may give you a chance to listen to your podcast and become your regular audience. Famous platforms are,,

3. Create smart podcast links: - This website lets you upload all your links in one place.

Ex. Social networks links, podcast website link, your marketplace link (Ex. ).

You can share this link in your podcast app (Ex. Apple description), social networks fan pages or groups, newsletters, posts in relevant blogs and media etc.

4. Website:

If you want to go next level, build a website about the podcast to store podcast transcriptions for SEO rankings, blog posts, newsletter, organize your video and social channels to constantly keep it updated and filled up with interesting content for your listeners. This way you will build a full channel experience for your audience and grow more audience from Google, Youtube, social networks etc.. Make research for the most popular podcasts in your niche category:

5. Youtube channel:

If you convert your podcasts on video, you can have another marketing channel to grow more audience through Youtube and indirect potential clients.

You can split every podcast episode into series of videos with sub-titles to gain more exposure.

6. Social networks:

* Participate proactively in social network groups conversations and build authority and trust among potential clients who read those.

* Start your podcast social accounts to build followers audiences over time.

* Social networks advertising: you can advertise to your existing audience and to lookalike audiences to gain more followers to listen to your podcasts.

7. Submit to podcast aggregators & directories:

Submit your podcast to the biggest podcast aggregators and directories: Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Podbay, Podtail

8. Newsletter:

Building a newsletter audience is a slow process, but it's worth it, as your active and regular listeners would be happy to read news from you. You can addon an advertising section in the newsletter and remind your newsletter readers about your available podcast advertising slots.

9. PR - media & authority blogs coverage:

You can also build a client base by getting coverage in relevant authority blogs, newsletters, media etc. This is a great way to gain relevant potential clients' interest and convert it into sales if you have a good sales infrastructure - landing pages & funnel, newsletter, easy sign-up, and buying options etc. You can search for "best "niche" podcasts" and ask the blog owners to include you for a fee or free :).

10. Communities:

Proactive participation in niche communities may bring you a constantly growing listeners' audience. If you can write or talk in a way to grab the audience's interest, you can regularly spend a small amount of time participating in different conversations, which comments will bring regular visitors to your podcast/website etc. Clubhouse, Meetup , targeted sub-Reddit ,  Facebook groups (2) Buzzsprout Podcast Community | Facebook , relevant niche forums etc. 

Here are more lists: , 

11. Direct outreaching:

* Linkedin outreaching to relevant e-commerce brands, startups, D2C brands.

* emailing to niche & local businesses to gain initial engagement. You can use to gain business leads.

* Research same industry influencers' posts and you can find out the advertisers they work with. Then you can research on Linkedin the advertisers' CMOs, marketing managers to offer your podcast audience details and request a call if they have the interest to expand their advertising within the podcast industry.

12. Partnerships:

* Influencers & marketing agencies to expand their influencers portfolio with podcast ads.

* Podcasts to podcasts partnerships to exchange interviews & reviews after that.

* Engage with same industry influencers who already have advertisers ( ) and exchange advertisers' recommendations for a commission.

13. Q&A websites:

* Quora - write detailed answers to relevant questions, where you can help with examples from your podcast series.

* Reddit - engage in relevant groups conversations (especially if they are looking for a podcast, influencer advertising) by giving valuable answers which help users for decision making.

14. Affiliate programs:

Participate in affiliate networks that have offers that work with discount & coupon codes.

15. Influencers marketing portals:

* Search in Google for "influencers portals" and you will find numerous platforms ( ) that offer influencers to list their social networks audience.. you can try to list your podcast audience details where it is possible.

* You can easily sort influencers from your niche > research the ones that already have advertisers (in direct or indirect product promotions) > outreach to them to podcast interview them & build relationships, so their advertisers may follow up advertising budget to expand portfolio with podcast ads.

16. Podcast monetization platforms:

There are platforms that offer podcast ads monetization with their own ads insertion infrastructure. Those usually start from downloads.

Ex. Podcorn, Midroll, AdvertiseCast, Podvertizer

17. Reviews in exchange for podcast mention/sponsorship:

* Since podcast listening platforms rankings are highly dependable on reviews number and quality, it will be a neat proposal for your listeners who has a business or want their name mentioned during the podcast in exchange for a few minutes review. That will bring you indirectly more listeners and potential ad slots filled.

* You can simply ask for reviews, share & subscriptions in the beginning of each episode as well.

18. Social listening & Google Alerts:

There are multiple tools for social listening and Google alerts tracking for relevant tags content.

Ex. Talkwalker - you can subscribe for keywords like: " "niche" podcast advertise ", " "niche" advertising ", " where/how to advertise "niche" website/blog/podcast " etc.

19. Traditional Advertising:

Build custom audience list (emails from potential clients) in Facebook, Google & retargeting website (ad page) visitors with tracking pixels > Send traffic to landing page > Build a sales funnel with series of emails > offer rewards, discounts & upsells > get on the phone with the user.

20. Advertise on podcast listening apps:

There are numerous podcast listening apps, where you can push promote your podcast as a premium space positioning: Overcast, Podbean, Podbay, Castbox, PlayerFM.

Here are some good podcast marketing posts from leaders in the space: